Fiverr: Why you should run like hell if you care about your business.

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What are you really getting for $5.  How about sued?

If you want to be successful in business, you need to offer a value that your competitors do not. You need to have a recognizable brand. You need to protect your assets.

One of the reasons America has made so many successful entrepreneurs is because we protect intellectual property.

For example; every single major brand you can think of has a copyright on their logo. Do you?

You should.

More importantly, you should have a copyrightable logo. What does this mean?

It shouldn’t be stolen.

You risk your entire livelihood when you go to Fiverr and buy services from less than reputable sources.

If you buy a logo on Fiverr and it remotely resembles any copyrighted work, the liability falls to you the business owner using it. That means the original designer can sue you for everything you’re worth, and ignorance is no excuse.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a cease and desist best case scenario. In the worst case scenario you’ll end up in court and you WILL lose.

You can’t even use most free fonts in a logo without paying for a commercial license (which will not be five dollars).

On top of that; this is the first image your company will portray. If you wouldn’t go to a job interview without showering for a month, why would you want your logo to look like it was stolen from logopond?

Believe me, real designers will know, and they will report you.

So where should you go? We recommend finding a reputable graphic designer that will grow with your business.

More advice: Make sure you get the copyright from your designer, if you don’t they own it not you.

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