advice for every millennial entrepreneur from iphone glitch

The advice every millennial entrepreneur should take away from the Iphone glitch

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What is mvp? Many entrepreneurs are familiar with the term. For those who are not, MVP stands for “minimum viable product.”

So how does this apply to the fact that you cannot use an “I” with your “I”phone?

See, behind the scenes, this actually says something brilliant about the entrepreneurial skills of those at Apple. They aren’t perfectionists, and that’s important.

You think we are crazy don’t you?

We are. Find us a successful entrepreneur who isn’t a little bit crazy. We get it, this glitch is frustrating, but look outside the scope of your own inability to make a coherent tweet for a second.

For many entrepreneurs product development is an extremely time consuming process. One of the best pieces of advice we ever got is exactly what Apple did here. Develop the minimum viable product and get it to market.

When the iphone X came out, and systematically the update that we all know Apple creates to kill their old products (cough), it was certainly not perfect. In fact, it had an embarrassing flaw. It couldn’t handle the letter I without translating it to some Aztec code.

Did this slow down sales or adoption of the product? Absolutely not.

This is an important lesson for Millennial Entrepreneurs to learn from. Sometimes it’s better to put any version of your idea in the market than it is to perfect it. If you’re like most, your product will continually evolve. So do what it takes to get it to the minimum product you need to test your market, get some money coming in, and get on the way to being the next Steve Jobs. We believe in you.

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